Working with messages

Messages are central to the way TinderBox works.  Messages are smart - you can use them to: 
  • Post a question and receive replies from your team
  • Create a task which must be completed
  • Track your time
  • Share files

1. Getting started

Whatever you wish to do, you always start in the same way:
  • Open the project you wish to work on (click 'Projects' then the project name)
  • Click the 'Compose' button
  • Type a subject and message
  • Click 'Post message'
Your new message appears at the top of the list.

2. Opening a message

Click any message subject to view the full body, replies and files.

3. Setting a task
  • Click the 'set task' link next to any message to convert it into a task
  • You can optionally set a due date by clicking the calendar icon
  • You can optionally assign it to a team member by clicking the user icon

4. Time tracking

If you are an 'admin' or 'staff' user in the project, you can track time against any message:
  • Click the message subject to open it
  • Click the 'Timer' link to start tracking time (or on mobile devices click the clock icon in the toolbar)
  • A grey bar appears at the top of the screen displaying the timer
  • Click 'stop' within the grey bar at any time to stop the timer
Click 'Timesheet' to edit your times.

5. Sharing files
  • Click the message subject to open it
  • Click the 'Attach file' link to upload a file (or on mobile devices click the attachment icon in the toolbar)
  • Select a file and upload

6. Smart prioritisation

TinderBox automatically prioritises the messages you see within a project to keep you in the loop:
  • Messages you have not yet seen (with a blue dot) appear towards the top
  • Tasks assigned to you appear next (sorted by the due date if they have one)
  • Incomplete tasks are next
  • Finally messages you have read and tasks that are complete appear towards the bottom

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