Creating your first project

1. Create your project

: You must be logged in with permission for the workspace - this is the account that you first signed up with rather than accounts that were added through invites.

  1. Click 'Projects'
  2. Click 'New project'
  3. Type a name and brief description of your project
  4. Click 'Create project'
2. View your project

  1. Click 'Projects' to see the list of projects you have access to
  2. Click the tile for the project you wish to view 
3. Invite others

You can invite others to participate in your project, these could be colleagues, clients, vendors, freelancers or anyone you like:
  1. Click 'Invite'
  2. Type the name, email and role for the new user
  3. Click the 'Send invite' button
An email is sent to the new user containing a link with which they can create their own account and start working on your project.

Once they've accepted your invitation, you will see their face within the project.

Note: All users can see all messages and files posted to a project.  This open way of working can really help everyone to stay in the loop and be accountable for their part of the project.

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